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I chose to create boxes in the Shaker style not only because of their desirability as an antique but also because of their durability and usefulness. My goal is to remain true to Shaker traditions. My products are created using the same craftsmanship that the Shaker community used for over 200 years.

I believe the act of creating, and helping others to create, is as important as the finished product itself. That’s why I supply not only the boxes, but materials necessary for others to participate in the craft as well. The Shakers were a society of makers. They built what they needed with their own hands from local resources. LeHay’s continues that tradition, creating a quality product that also benefits the local economy, honors local history and passes along the knowledge to future generations.

"I received my first ever shaker box today. I absolutely adore it! The craftsmanship is incredible. Thank you very very much." - Lisa B.

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February 1, 2016
Shaker Boxes

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August 11, 2015
History of Shaker Boxes

A Brief History of Shaker Boxes

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